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Save Environment! Say No To Mass Produced Food | The Kolhu Cause

Save Environment! Say No To Mass Produced Food | The Kolhu Cause


Save Environment! Say No To Mass Produced Food | The Kolhu Cause

by Kolhu Foods

January 12, 2020

Save Environment! Say No To Mass Produced Food | The Kolhu Cause

Agriculture has been the oldest profession on earth. Ever since the mankind learned communication, they also learned how to grow food. The profession of feeding the mankind, the most noble profession of all. 

Despite the latest advancements in technology and social activities, the agriculture profession still remain the poorest of all. The demand for food is growing more than ever and putting tremendous pressure on entire eco-system.

There is more and more pressure on farmers, food companies to bring food to the table at low cost. But this pursuit of making food available at low cost is harming the environment in multiple ways. It is threatening our entire existence in many ways.

Growing use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and other form of chemicals have threatened the globe to a level where who knows a new range of dangerous health issues are around the corner. 

GMOs are another story that is contributing to this global crisis. Foods that are genetically modified which our bodies have never consumed before. We don't even know what the consequences of this development will be in future. Hope not scary!

Dangerous food practices are not just limited to this. Another worrying story starts when the food is prepared and processed. Just to support the food for masses economy, foods are being created like factory products.

"The food that reaches the consumer table has been taken through many unhealthy processes and ingredients that it doesn't really remain the food that our bodies are accustomed to". 

The threat is real and it is building up like never before, before we act. Saying No to mass produced food can reverse this entire cycle. We can go back to where we came from.

"Buying small batch produced, non-GMO and chemical-free food can help us save the environment, can help us save the climate and above all can help us save the humanity".

You can start it today by supporting the economics of non-mass foods. Kolhu is working hard in contributing to the cause and has pledged to make the difference. Wishing good health to all.

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